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Very Few Question to Stop Asking Yourself For Greater Success & Happiness.
Very Few Question to Stop Asking Yourself For Greater Success & Happiness. 

Every Day we start our day at early in the morning. We ask many Question to our Mind every day. But anywhere, did you thought that what type of question you're asking yourself. Every Connection of our mind is built or not, it decided when you do something awesome. 

Every situation makes the key to getting the success but there are some few questions that may stop you and also probably, at that time you may think to quit it. 

Here are those questions which lead to your failure if you asked yourself or may lead to your success, if not.  

1. "How Do I..."

Many Years ago, A young man was a great speaker and also trained many people to become the best speaker. One guy of the group was also wanted to become like him. After that, he tried much time but he failed, So he thought to ask him that "How to become a great speaker like you" then the young man replied to him that "You're Not Ready".

 Then after a few years,  the men who wanted to become great than him was always kept himself into the practice to become great and after a  long ago, he said to the young man that "I am now going to be the great speaker than  you"(said when he was  frustrated)  then the young men said to him that "You're Ready".

So everywhere you have to just commit yourself rather than constantly telling yourselves 'how to do'. Don't underestimate yourselves in any way, it makes you frustrated. 
Just Assume that if you're going to start a business but constantly you're asking yourselves how to start it, will make you feel frustrated. Definitely, It needs to plan the business but doesn't make it go shit. Means overthinking about something is not well. 

So start with a commitment and for that, you will come to get the most from out of it.

If You Are Not Willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary. - Jim Rohn

2. "Why It  Only Happened to me."

Everything happens to everyone but only the time matters t that time. We know if someone gets bad he always says that 'why it only happened to me' or 'Why It happens to me every time' these type of questions only one can ask who is the loser.

Losers don't take responsibilities for any mistake or bad things happened to them. They always make procrastination. They neglect their responsibilities to others. And that's why he isn't able to recognize the mistake and at last, he doesn't learn anything and the lifecycle of him always still running like that.

But Successful peoples don't do that they always try to take responsibility and learn from the bad experiences and bad mistakes. They improve their lifecycle every day rather than making excuses they try to learn every time...

Hope. You had understood and don't say why it happened to you just replace it with a new word that Everything happens for well.

3."Am I the Right Person to Do This?"

We all Human beings have the different characteristics according to what we are able to do nicely. Not a one person can do everything but anything. Our society believes that we have to choose what they advise us. They don't even ask us what you want to become. They decide our future according to their judgment. And by the time, we like  "Am I the Right Person to Do This?"

Don't think like that question otherwise it will destroy your self-confidence. What really happens is that our society judge us too quickly and after that, we also start judging yourself. 

If you know that you're good at something and you want to make it happen, don't think too much start doing it without looking at them who thinks about you something bad.

"Don't work for proving yourselves, work for improving ."

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