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Today's generation of children is growing day by day. We have many ways to keep busy us all the time.  Todays,  everybody has a smartphone.  We all have to keep focused on our goals of life and we should keep motivated all the time but today we have many ways to get distracted and being a tracked to wrong way.
Successful peoples don't waste their time in front of the mobile screen and computer or laptop, watching Web Series and funny videos. They don't chase anything which doesn't help them.
Teenagers are wasting their time on mobile screen watching videos and YouTube series. Smart Peoples use their time on learning new thing which makes them productive.
Peoples wasting their valuable time on many other types things here and there. Many peoples try but unfortunately, Some start wasting their time.

Here a few Sign of wasting time. So do read them and save your valuable time.

1. Falling asleep late and Waking up late in the morning:

Many of us do the same mistake every day which harm our body and just because of it, we don't get a quality sleep.  You should maintain your time of falling asleep. By maintaining your time, it gives the signal to your body to fall asleep. Also, it helps you to wake up early in the morning.
Making yourself a great and successful person by making the big habits.  some people wake up in the morning and immediately, they start doing their work. They don't give at least an hour in the morning to himself. Giving time to yourself is giving an analysis about how you do.
So, wake up early in the morning and start a habit of not wasting the most valuable time.

2. Regreting yourselves for your mistakes:

This is what happens after knowing the mistake. Regreting yourself will not take an opportunity to start the whole life again.   
whether you have done a big mistake or anything else, learn from it is the best option.  Successful people take risks and the best habit is that they learn from their mistakes.  
Everyone who is a winner had to face the problems and failures after that they are successful.
You haven't the time for regret, just take 5  minutes to decide what actions you're going to take and work for your dream by learning from your mistakes.

3. Saying Yes for all things:

This is the biggest illness of all of us to say only one word which is 'Yes'. We don't want to feel bad something about us and for that, we say for all things  'yes'.  
Smart People learn to say 'no' when the things or services not helpful for themselves. They try to avoid the people or friend who waste their time on idle talks.
There are many ways to say 'no' to your relatives saying that you are busy with other work.  Learn how to convince them.

4. Watching T.V Serials and web series:

Some people waste their time in front of the T.V.  Watching T.V. for some time is little good but some people get addicted to it. Everything is bad if you get an addiction to it like chewing tobacco.   Watching the T.V is a complete brainwashing thing.  They use the complete marketing strategies to attract the customers toward their product. 
If you want to be healthier and successful person avoid t.v and switch to SmartPhone. I told smartphone.  Don't watch web series in your smartphone if you do this what the benefits of ignoring the t.v. 
Smart Peoples knows how to maintain there time and how to use it. They don't get the time to watch the t.v serial. They only watch inspirational Movies for their motivation. 

There are many things to describe here but the most important thing is that who want to become a successful person, never do the thing which not helpful for their path.  If you're a smart person then don't do such a mistake which leads to a time wastage.   Everybody must aware to no more time wastage.

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