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The Most Practical Method to Stop Shyness. Avoid Stage Fear. FearlessSuccess

Here, I am going to tell You 'The Most Practical Method to Stop Shyness or How to  Avoid Stage Fear/Fear of stage.

Some people have the art of how to make friends and influence them. It's all the thing such as making new friends are a good skill and that type of peoples never afraid and they have the 'Team working skill' which is needful for everyone who to join a Company.

But There are many peoples who have the fear of stage like me. Yes, I also have the stage fear and by this, I was a very less talker in my schools. 

Basically, it's not important to talk much but I mentioned here that very less so it is very important to manage conflicts or working with Group or Teams. 

Do You know how this fear came to you? don't worry, I will tell you all the things that what I did in that situation.

I was also a very shy person at that time so for both of these tips will help you more. 

Let's Start...

1. Self Image:
Many of us when we have the stage fear or shyness is caused by the Self Image. If you believe yourself as a good person then this habit will break out.
Don't compare yourself to anyone. What happens that We compare with us to someone who is more handsome or intelligent.

But think about it why you came to this beautiful world? You have to change your thinking. You have to think that if he can do it also I can. 

We always think that why will people choose me instead of someone who is more intelligent. Just think men why Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh, and Navazuddin are. If they thought that there are many good actors in the industry, I will not write their names here.

You're great, Looks don't matter. Every man recognizes when they make themselves great in the field which they love the most. You have to be the best in the field in which you love. 

Don't do such things which break your self-image. Be a kind person on your image of self.

2. Learn Communication Skill:

Not Just learn them, practice them. You have to apply them in your life to make it happen. Good communication is always is the best choice. Learning communication skill is too easy which you can learn on any platform.

3. Practice As Much As You can.

Practice with your friends and talk to them. When I was a shy person, I used to talk to my self by using a mirror. It is was my beginning then I little used to talk to my best friends.

Practice and experience in the field in which you're going is more important.

4. Learn New skills:

Learn new Skill which will help you stay calm. Yah... It will avoid the bad thinking and you will feel confidence. 

Be a master in the field that you're interested in. I was interested in the computer field. So I improved my experience in that and I learned Coding. Which help me to understand the computer.

So be the boss of your field and see the effect in the real world.

"Good Practice makes the men Perfect."

5. Change You're Looking Nature:

Many peoples see the same thing in a different way as I was also. I learned to change the way of look at the thing.

If you're a positive person, then you will notice in yourself that you're a different person.

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