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Here, in this post, we will discuss some rules and tips before turning to 18.  

Most peoples don't know what to do in their life, they don't have to keen to do something, they don't set the goals for achievement, They are always in the lazy mood, they don't show their interest, they don't find their mistake always makes Excuses. 

Miserly, They don't know how to enjoy their life but why this and how long this will happen. Always remember who follow his goals with full effort and have the zeal to achieve the goals, have not prayed the god to give him except any efforts.  

The Person who follows his passion have the strongest chances to get the success.   Everyone should know that they have to move on except doing a 9 to 5 job. 
Here are few tips and Rules of life which must be followed before turning to 18. 

1.  Learn Self- Development :

Most of the Peoples don't improve their behaviors, the art of speaking, convince technique, body languages,  Communication Skills etc.   

You have to keep updated yourselves to win the word. Whenever you become outdated, you are going to make the biggest mistake.  Successful Peoples always keep learning all the time.  

Learn Self-development and communication from the YouTube and remember to practice it.  Don't only learn, apply what you learned in your life. 

2.  Take Responsibilities:

When we grow up we don't have responsibilities to do the things. Successful  People take responsibilities of their life to manage themselves and their life.  
We should take responsibilities to move on, to go through the pain.

The responsibility of person make them survive through problems and let them make perfect to walk alone in their path to become a successful person. 
Make Your Own decision to become what you passionate, follow it.


3. Read Books:

The successful person never spends their time on idle talks and idle thing and so on. Whether they try to gather the information from various sources or trying to read books or watching the Motivational video but at least they try their best to be motivated themselves.  

Bill Gates one of the highest richest person who read a book in a 1 week. Hence it's proved that 

The successful person never stops learning. it keeps them to updated and inspired.

Reading habit is one of the best habits so start it today right now.

4. Don't chase girls, chase Your Passion:

Mostly, many boys start chasing for the girl or their crush the crush crash their life. This is a very big mistake we make in our life which is a time to consume.  It wastes the most teenagers valuable time of our life.

Let's see how. firstly, he chases the girl and proposes to her and then break up or marriage or mistake.  Altogether, he makes the trouble himself.
So, Don't chase girls, Chase your Passion.

5. Spend Time with Your Family:

Spending time with family is really the best time to spend. Rather than spending your valuable time by talking to the girlfriend or friends, Spend time with your grandfather, grandmother, mother, father brother sister. share your experience with them then see the real beauty of smile and love which can't be seen on others face.

There are many things which should have to follow but those are very helpful topic to you. So the conclusion is that never take such action which leads to a problem which will affect your family. Share your idea with family, talk to them, stay motivated, keep environment inspired, learn new things, never think about sex or watching porn movies which will destroy your life. 

Thank You very much. If this post has been inspired you little and helped you so why you don't share it with your friends.

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