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When You feel like Quitting just Remember Why  You Started

Never give up

Education Doesn't matter to Success. 
We all human beings try to work if the work is easy. Sometimes we try to do hard work or maybe try for getting in which field you really passionate. But After a few days, all motivation goes to end and Our mind tries to find procrastination. We do find Procrastination for not doing for our passion. All human beings try to get the thing easily.  We human being are from nature. We try to do big by doing little. We all human beings feel laziness in every work and pray for God to do it for us.

After reading this article, you will definitely begin to chase your dream in any way. No one can stop you to do big in your life until you stop working. And when you stop working no can do it for you. 

Try these tips to bounce back again and make the success to chase you...

Use these Five principles for  Staying dedicated in your field.


1. Burning Desire:

A burning desire can defeat your laziness and make you feel better. If you have the desire to do the biggest thing in the world, you can get it.  Just think about The GREAT "THOMAS EDISON" who was the bulb inventer. When he started to invent the bulb, he failed 1000 times. Instead of making excuses, he invented the bulb. So there are many great people who did the impossible to possible.

2. Don't make excuses: 

You know if  The Thomas Edition made excuses for not inventing the bulb, No one knew him. and the people still laugh at every starter. So making excuses is making fool to your mind that can't do anything. You know "Practise makes perfect" So if you failed into your work, start doing it again by learning from the previous mistake. Start fast otherwise Excuses can destroy you.

3. Set Goal: 

In India, most of the people don't know what to do in the beginning and this is the biggest mistake of their life.  We should start analyzing the interest field. In the interest field, you can do it without making excuses. Set goal first and act upon it so that no can stop you to climb the hill. Make Notes in the morning for the whole day and try to complete them first it will boost your confidence.

4. Motivate Yourself: 

 Reading a good book in the morning for a few minutes will make your day. Apply the formula of the book. Do exercises. Drink plenty of water. Stay smiling, Listen to the YouTube motivational videos,  Do Yogasan to keep calm yourself. take motivation for the longest time and do it in anyways.

5. Zeal:

Make Sure you have a zeal to defeat you pan, defeat your laziness, defeat your problems. Zeal is the ultimate solution to do what you want to be in your life.  Just think about the above ex. Thomas Edison, He had the Zeal to defeat the failure. So try to analyze what you have the zeal to do that work. Uninterest work always seems not to do but an interesting work can change your entire life. Think about M.S Dhoni and many great people who have changed the world laws.
Many great billionaires had not completed their college degrees but Now, they are successful. Read about great people, read about successful man stories in your field. So Be healthy, Be smart Find Fearless Success.

Just Remember-       " It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela - Never give up.

Life will try to put you down in every situation, so ready for that.  

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