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Hello, Guys Today in this post I want to tell you about How to success at any Exam.  Every year crores of student give their board exams and someone gives a competitive exam as well as. By giving the exam many of them face many problems and also someone gets failed or someone gets passed. Failed students or competitive examiners struggle very much to get success in their life... Most of the S.S.C students are struggle very much because of their first Board Exams. Someone gets pain in their head... This usually done by the fear of first exams.

Success at the exam is not harder than you think but it could hard when you think it is tough " So it look like the tough exam. You do not get success at exam just because of usually many students don't pay attention to their studies.  They make many excuses not to study.. but when we look inside the Toppers mind, they love to learn the new thing. They study for the exam, they study for the future. They don't make excuses to neglect their study. But don't mind The toppers are not minded and only intelligent.

  "I was failed at the exams, Now I am Successful' - Bill Gates

The exams are everything you can do anything. But for a knowledge for a mind and self-development, education is important. One man has gone only to school for just 125 days and he is the successful person. You just thinking now how he did it but looking into his mind he told that he every day read the book "Think and grow rich" which helped him to grow fast without school and collages.   But this not means you to neglect your studies by reading this story. This story based on according to his situation so that he neglected his studies. But keep to knowledge he chooses to read a good book. 

Preparation Strategies:-

  • Read Book carefully.
  • Revision weekly.
  • make an effective timetable.
  • Make notebooks for every subject.


Habits to be neglected:

  1.   Procrastination 
  2.  Using too much facebook.
  3.  Using Social Media,
  4.  Making bad friends. 

Good Habits:

  1. Get up early in the morning.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Eat light food.
  4. Don't eat junk food.
  5. Make a Schedule.
  6. Read Inspiring Stories.
  7. Make Dedication for study.

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