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My Little Story about how I changed my life by Reading Books.

Once A Time when I was just 16th, I was studying in 10th standard. In that time, My confidence was too low and the Communication and Body Language was nothing for me. My mentality was too low.  When I was watching funny videos on YouTube suddenly, My brother came across to me and suggested me to watch the Videos of Sandeep Maheshwari - A  Best Motivational  YouTube channel ( He didn't turn monetization to show ads on their videos for generating passive income).  I  saw my brother face and start watching that video.  I think I will remove this video when my brother will not there, But when I saw in the video a person was talking in front of many young teens. I think little and begin watching videos.   After watching the video, I was wonder and eyes were opened. After a short period of time, I released that the way of living the life was wrong, I changed the living and behavior. I also founded that reading a book is a very good habit so who will wait for it? I started reading books ex. Bhagawat Geeta - One of the most inspiring and problem-solving books, Think and Grow Rich, Rich that Poor Dad, How to talk to anyone, Stop worrying and start living, The Power of Habit etc...  This story is little but you can make your big own story yourselves. 
I hope you will familiar with one of the best secrets of successful people that are reading a  good book. I know, they did lots of things which makes them great. And reading a book is a part of one habit that can make you rich.  While reading a book you have to keep calm yourselves and follow the life formulas and principles then implement them in your life for making it happier, easier and interesting.

So, Let's Explore the Worlds Best books ever which will definitely change life or 5 Best recommended books to read before you die.

1.Bhagwat Geeta:

Read These 5 Books Before You die
Bhagwat Geeta As it Is.
 Bhagavad Gita the great devotional book of Hinduism. Gita is a most important spiritual classics.  The Bhagawat Geeta is an ultimate solution for your life.  In this book, The Krishna is an instructor for Arjuna. Arjuna faced many problems on the battlefield.  Krishna gave the power to Arjuna to fight with his relatives. But the problems were faced by the Arjuna are similar to our day to day life problem.  If you read that book you are going to look the earth in a new way.  Now search for it on google and read it first because it is the best book other than.

2. Thing and Grow Rich:

It is the most inspiring and motivational book published by Napoleon Hill. This book is written in 20+ years of experience with  Guidance of 500+  successful person. This book taught us  " Buring Desire is a definite thing,  building Faith, and Self Confidence etc." Actually, it is full of Inspiring thought and story. Napolean Hill has written this book in the full investigation before the publication.  And it is the best book ever an award-winning and million of the copy of this books has been sold out.  By reading it, you will come to know about yourselves to get your burning desire in your hand and you will get hungry after reading this.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad:

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book was the first book which I had started to read it. Trust me it made a very positive impact on my life and on mentality.  This is a very good book which increased my interest in reading books drastically.  In this book, Robert Kiyosaki giving us real examples of his life and financial advice and much more. Author Robert Kiyosaki talk about their two dads whereas one dad was rich and second dad was a poor person. The author says in his book that he followed rich dad's advice and made him millionaire himself. Through this book, you can learn many valuable things and you can also be a millionaire as the author did it. So do read this book carefully.

4. Stop Worrying and Start Start living:

In this book, Author giving us a  weapon for fighting to problems and others things and the weapon is the Smile. When the author was in the trouble by worrying about his company and others things, He was going down day by day and lastly he was in the bed of his life's ultimate days then he  stopped worrying and started living after that all of the problems were killed by him and then his graph of improvement in his business was drastically improved. the author says us  In every human life, Problems never stop to come in but if you have the power to fight with it, you will win it in any way.  In every problem, we start worrying as The author did it which was his big mistake. So he started living and changed his life. So do read this book. It gives us boos to improve our daily lives.

5. The Power Of Habit:

It is true that we can not change our future but if you make a good habit, the future will also be the best. If you learn this book it means you're eager to improve yourself which will definitely help you to power up yourself. You will learn how to form a good habit and replace a bad habit with good ones. There is a fact which is it's really hard to form a good habit. In this book, You will upgrade yourself.  The good habit is required for all Human being so that they can succeed in their field of life. So do read this book.

These books are highly recommended to try to read first. Those books teach us humanity and eagerness for achieving the goals of life.  So please do read the books and the best of luck. Keep reading, Keep loving.

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