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Today things are changing day by day drastically. Our Technology is also changing day by day.  Before when the technology came, Every person does hard work and being happy.  They do hard work to avoid laziness. In that, there was only a Nameless Laziness. But nowadays, laziness can be seen in many people.  We have a Technology to use it for life making better but it doesn't mean that we should use it in every work. So I can say, Technology is making us a lazy person. And just because of laziness, we can't do anything even if God says to work, we don't go to do that work. So do read this post and I believe and have a lot of confidence that You after this article, forget about what is a laziness and you will never do this again.

1. Wake up early in the morning: 

If you don't wake up early in the morning then definitely you are making a big mistake. If you wake up early, You will feel energetic and the whole day will also be good. You will not feel sleepy whole day. 

Make a habit of waking first in the morning. Make sure you had scheduled your time for waking up in the morning at before 6.00 A.M. You can also set your time yourself but remember that you have to wake up before the sunrise.

2. Do Exercise Regularly:

 Exercise makes the blood flow in every part of our body. I'm not telling you to join GYM but at least you can do some pushups, running, Jumping, and so on.  

This will help you to be energetic for a whole day and also by doing exercise, You will live the healthy lives. 

Just think about it  You will do the exercise for just 5min and this 5min can make your day bigger and interesting and also memories.

3. Do Yogasans like Meditation: 

You know Shree Vivekanand. He was a great  Mediator. He was waking up at 4:00 am and in that time he mediates to focus in a candle for building concentration power and focus power or Present mind good and focusable. Meditation will change your whole life. 

By meditating you are going to control your thought as well as zero thought and by this, your sleep quality will also be good. 

4. Sleep 6- 7 hours:

Man have to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours for relaxing but if your sleep is quality sleep you don't need to sleep for 8 hours because your eyes will automatically open after 6 or 7 hours. I know, you're a busy person but if you can't give yourself only 1 hour you are not a good and best person.  Do meditation as I mentioned about this topic above.

5.  Set daily Goals for achievement: 

This is the best thing you have to do. Make your plan for the day and try to complete them. Make your plan and goal which you can follow but please I suggest you, make your first plan a little and increase it day by day. Making big goals is to giving a letter to Laziness to come at us because if you don't start from little you will not able complete the big goal.  Write the goal in the most place which you visit regularly.  It will help you to do not forget about that and also it will motivate you and inspire you. 

So make a small plan and follow them and also try to make one plan every day which will help you to grow faster.

Bonus Tip:-

Now, the bonus point is that follow all of these rules and don't watch negatives serials on Television and don't do whatever you don't like to do. Doing in which you re not passionate, will not give you the motivation. And also find a strong reason to do complete the task.  After following all of the things, You will be the legend also take 21 days completion challenge, make the graph of improvement and the most important thing is Implementation. If you don't know about the thing you're not bad but you know and don't implement all the things which you learned here,   you are the fool person because There will no differences among learner and not leaner. So live happy, live good, Live better. Thank you and best of luck.

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