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Trying To Law of Attraction. Read this Story before Trying it


 You will be best in our mind after reading this article.  I can guess, You will familiar with the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Yes, I am talking about the Law of Attraction.   If you don't know what is a Law Of Attraction then you must know a bit of it then you will be able to Understand what actually it this. In Law of Attraction, You have to think about what you want in your life, you have to think about your definite goal of your life, ex.  You want a car which is very expensive but if you really want that car you have to Visualise about its features, Visualize its part, visualize that you're driving it. And so on. 

You can try to make those thoughts into reality.  In one word, You have to gather all the energy of your soil and give it to visualizing what you want in your life.. But think little about it.  Is it good for you in your life?  Your Answer of the Question will around in your mind what the writer talking about... But after this article, you will be the right User for The LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Read this Story for Trying Law Of Attraction to get the best result...

This story is based on two engineers. Both engineers were dreaming about getting a Car which was too much expensive.  Both the engineers listened about the LAW OF ATTRACTION to get their dream Car.  First Engineer was started dreaming and visualizing his dream car. 

He  Started to visualize that he is driving the car. He started making a voice like a car.  He was definitely confident that Visualizing the car, will really come to his life.  In his mind, no negative thoughts were rising ex. what if I will not get my Dream Car.  He was fall in love with Law of Attraction.  He was sure that no can stop him to get the dream car.  He  Gathered all of the Energy to convert the visualization into reality.  Now, think about the Second Engineer, He was totally different.  A thing was making him different was that he started questioning himself.  One question changed his life completely. Here are the few question's answers which you may look at them.

Q. 01 Why I am wanting that Dream  Car in my Life?

Ans:  I am wanting the car because all of my neighbors have a best shining Car.

Q. 02 Why My neighbors have a best shining/ lighting  Car?

Ans: My neighbors have the best car because they are chasing the  race or as a competition to get what they interested In.

Q.03 Why I go into the race for the fulfillment of  Dreams like Cars?

Ans:  Because of My neighbors will be proud of me just because they have a thing which one they had. And just for chasing a race.

Q.04  Why I go for Chasing the race like my neighbors/family?

Ans: Because they are chasing it. Therefore they just wanted to put you into the race. And They Are just doing it.

The last question bumped into his mind and lastly. he decided for not going for the race. He was now, going into the different way of success. All of the Peoples are chasing the race for getting a Government job or a private job. But Now by the Questing into his mind, he decided to not get the car.  Lastly, he chose to become great for doing what he passionate about.

The Last question is bumped into his mind when he was serious.  Once, he went to a restaurant with his father.  Then, his father got pain in the heart.  He(2nd Engineer)  was into a serious problem.  The problem was big as he was unable to think what to do next? He and with the help of others Peoples, He admitted his father into the hospital. He was scared much and after 15min the Doctor came out from the room, then he said a few words "I am Sorry, We have failed to save your father as you delayed only 15minutes".  

By listening to this,  The boy was no more his lips was stopped and he wasn't able to think what actually he should do now? He was speechless then after a few minutes he asked a question himself "Why all of the big doctors are in the big Cities?". If they were in the small cities, my father will have in my life.  Finally, he decided to be the best ever doctor in the world who will serve the small villages by being a big doctor. Now, he started studying for a 12h while before he was not able to study for a 2h hour

Now, think about those two engineers, One engineer will be visualizing until he doesn't get the Car. If he will not get the car, he will in the depression and it will the very worst situation. Let assume that He got his dream car but still he will not happy.  He seeds the plant of coveting which will definitely destroy him.

By thinking about the Second engineer,  He will live the happier life  If he will not get the Dream car. And if got it he will be much happier.

Decide now what will be the best for you. By reading this story, you really shorted out what is good for you. Think for the long-term which was done by the second engineer by questioning yourself.  And thinking for the Short-term will not make your life happier as the First Engineer.

So here, You will have to use the Law of Attraction in a right direction. Really inspired by reading this story. Subscribe Us to tuned for New such an Article of FearLess Success.
"Target the moon. If you were unable to hit the moon, You can reach the star."

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