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The first thing to prove you're confident that make sure you are confident. Just kidding but it could be serious if you want. Confident peoples are who don't have stage fear, he can speak to anyone or showing his best,  controlling the Behaviours etc.  Confident Peoples do their work greatly as compare to none Confident peoples. Successful People's confidence was to give their best and complete the goal.  They were confident that they can do it so they did it. 

 If you think you can do it, You can. You think you can't do, You can't.

Everything is in your mind to control. If something bad happens with you, Your thinking will convert it into Positive Think.  The confidence peoples have much of sign but here I will write a few lines about it. So do read this.

Here is a few Sign that seems  You are a confident person. 

1.  Confident Person Always Welcome a person with a good smile on his face.  Here, Smiling can change your life. If you are going to the office or in the School say your Partner or Friends  'Hello' with a warm smile. It gives them positivity and it proves that you're a confident Person.  

2. Confident person Always dressed well. They always groomed for any work. Well, dressing makes the person look confidence. It's a good thing to make someone like you or it will help you to make new friends.

3. Confident Person always keeps their eye contact when he speaking to someone else. Let Assume that you are talking to your partner or to your friends and you're looking everywhere while talking it seems you're not confident. 
Make eye contact when needs if you continue watching them, You will feel ugly.

4. Confident Peoples have a Positive Attitudes to do good work. They use it to help them in a bad situation or in bad problems.  A positive attitude is one of the best habits that you should build it. Positive peoples seem that they are confident.

5. Confident people know that when to say 'no' or 'yes'. Most of us we try to follow all the thing that someone tells us to do which is a bad sign.  Confident peoples have the formula to manage what to do at that time. If you will be in trouble by someone choice, never afraid to say 'no'. 

6. Confident Peoples are always aware of their strength and weaknesses. Successful peoples try to analyze their strength and weaknesses to work on their goal. They all do that to keep themselves motivated and inspired which help to stay focused on their goals. 

7. Confident Peoples are too risky. I called him risky because they accept risk and challenges. If you want to be a successful Person make you sure have an eagerness to play with risk. Successful never tries to end up they always try their best to do the work in any way.

8. Confident People Avoid the T.V 
One of the Biggest Distraction of our mind is the only one thing which is a T.V. yeah... it's Television. 

The confident Peoples don't watch t.v and they always keep himself to be focused on their dream. T.v uses our brain and fills a garbage in our mind it usually happens when you started watching the drama. 

And The Advertisement in the television is the most common distractions that are why many of Successful and confident says to be neglected those types of habits.

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