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Don't Do Exercise to Make Your Nose Smaller ||  Searching for Nose to be smaller read This .

So, here you came to know How To make your nose smaller. Yeah... Everbody want to improve his personality for the impression.  Impression, it really counts when you think the first Impression is the last impression. 

Many of us have smaller and bigger nose where this blog dedicated for all who have a bigger nose. Actually, I also hail from here whom nose is bigger than someone else.  

Little Story about myself - The Biggest Mistake: 

The Story begins with my school where My And my friends were laughing in a joke.  My friends were kidding someone else and I was laughing at them.  Meanwhile,  One of my friends looked at me and started kidding me saying that ' Your nose is too bigger than usual'. After listening to this I was shocked. Rapidly came to the home, Started looking to the Mirror myself which was so disguised me. I was scared and after that, I started talking less and laughing at someone else.  The same thing that you have done is that time I  also searched on google to find out the solution but there was not a valuable answer. When I searched about My Nose,  there, I saw many related posts which all tried by me.

I was trying to make my nose look smaller in any way and I have only the option which one is Exercise because, for Surgery, my pocket was empty to fulfill that so chose to exercise to make my nose smaller I had only that mere solution at that time. 
After exercising my nose, after a week I noticed that my nose is looking more bigger and bump than before. Then I took more information from the internet and lastly found that there is no any exercise to make your nose smaller. I was weeping to myself and all thought giving a regret.  
The main mistake I had made that at that when one of my friends laughed at me, I might accept it. If I accepted myself at that time my nose will have smaller and today. Every day when I look up at my nose I feel to cry and shout but there is no option for me.  

What To Do at That Situation :

There was only the two situation which one of them is Accept Yourself what you're and don't make regret yourself every day. You can also have the Surgery to make your nose smaller which is more costly and not guaranteed whether it will succeed or not. Make sure YOu choose high rated Doctors to come out the most.

What I Had done at that Situation :

After a full research, I found that there are many  Successful peoples who have the same problem not same but similar problems as they don't have legs or not had a good personality. I started to motivate my self to overcome this problem I controlled my thinking about how I will find a good match for me to No one cares to have a good couple mean spirit will leave you but not a body. So I thought why not giving a valuable time to self-development. 
No one will care you if You don't be a good person.  I was a good student. So many other were making less joke at me... 

In that type of problem, you have to make such a strong reason that why you had come here.  Read the below things that will give the confidence to boost it.

1. Motivate Yourself:  

Motivation will give you to get the most out of your goal. It will help you to be focused on your goals.
Read Stories of great peoples who had succeeded in their life which will make you feel happy. 
Whether you watch the Motivational video, listen to audio or reading a book or a self-motivation. You have to make your everyday remarkable.

2. Do different from others:

 It's a good thing to do. Follow your passion and please remember don't chase money, Follow Your passion, money will follow you. God made you different from others so why you not giving to be full different.

Do Whatever You Want to do Men but Don't Trouble your Mother men.

3. Don't regret: 

When something bad found in our body we start to regret why it happened to me which is not a good habit. 

Say  I am the Best and start your day with full energy. Give rewards to yourself when the new small goal is completed.

Say " Everything that happens to us is really good"

4. Stay healthy: 

I haven't much of health but I live the life happily.  Health is Wealth which really matters to have in life. Its make you feel good and also its a source of confidence and first Impression.

5. Stay Calm: 

No matter what you had done in your life but don't waste your time. Staying calm is a good thing that will allow you not to waste your time in a bad thing or in ugly things.

So, here I have presented that Your life is your life none of other life whether you have a bigger nose but still you're good.  goodness comes from your habits and makes sure you have built new good habits. That story is true and PLease I suggest you to not try the exercise for your Nose. If you try this,  by this you are going to make the biggest mistake. Thank you.

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