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Hey Guys, Today World is now going digital day by day and internet Users are increasing drastically. If you search for 'how to make money' on google you will see lots of results and you got encouraged by reading his website. Today everyone wants to make money online also without investment. Now the world of internet is full of website or blog. You can make enough money online. There are many options to make money online.

Highly Recommended to Try these ones:-

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Udemy
  • fiverr
Today I want to tell you about how Rob Percival build money from Udemy. He is the best creator. He had created a course about "The complete Android N Developer".  This course is a higher rated course of 4.5 out of 5.  He created the one of the best course that everyone wants to be a  student who eager to gain knowledge of Android development and programming also you can be the best App programmer and Developer. This course is a paid course and around 80000 + has been enrolled in this course. This course is available in 4 to 5 languages which make this course much better.

"If you eager to gain knowledge, No one can stop you."

You all of can make money from Udemy. Best one you can be done by the passion of teaching.  Everyone who passionate about what he wants to do, he always tries to make it better day by day. I don't know why instead of getting enough money I don't have a smile on my face until I do something for my desire or what I passionate about and also there are many peoples and Guys are present who just do for Money. They run on the race which is crowded by other peoples. Doing things that you interested in, Is a great way to achieve success fastly and that thing Rob Percival is doing and the result you can see by visiting his course now. Click here

How to make money from Udemy:-

Now, if you are thinking about finally how to make money from Udemy read it carefully.  To earn money from Udemy is required that you have a knowledge about the topic, isn't you have. If you have a skill in what you passionate about is a great way to make the video on that topic.
An example:- You passionate about photography or Android app Developer or Java Developer or anything else that you know better is a highly recommended thing that you must have to have.
And a  final word on if you don't have knowledge or skill and also you want to earn money from Udemy,  You have to first learn that topic that you interested in or keen to do that. If you want to learn Skills, you can search on Udemy there are thousands of courses to develop skills on interesting topics.


  • A Pc or Laptop or Mobile( Videos Editing and Making)
  • Camera
  • Skills
  • Passion for Teaching.
 Follow these steps:-

1. Go to

2. Click On Teach Online

3. Become Instructor: After You log in, you will see this, click on create a new Course.

4. You will see on the next page to create the course or Test preparation. Choose to Create the Course for delivering the content to students.

5. Now,  Set The title of your course and begin to the next step. You have to complete 4 steps for becoming an instructor. 

There is nothing impossible but if you think, it is. All desire to make fulfillment is to do hard work and smart work. Don't think there are only 4 steps. You have to make Tutorials for student and notice that you have to work with your students. Identify and make a structure of your course so that Students can understand it clearly...


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