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You Know that only education is not lead to being Successful   but you think like that when you have gotten low marks on your examination not when you got high marks or you being topped in the class.  I am not opposed to you but please try to understand that Education is not everything. Note that what  I have told.  Try to clarify your mind in a positive direction and save your parents money. I am saying that you are doing that because of popularity and smartness, but this type of popularity is not good. Let's share an example I have worked hard to be a topper of my class and I have topped and then many greetings are given by our parents and relatives and it just happened for a couple of days and then all thing back to the normal days like nothing happened anything.  It may also seem you to try and adopt a new habit but you are wrong, the right is that if you make daily new habit you will be the best person, New good habit can also make you rich and good financial successful person.  You know that the most successful person has the daily habits which helped them to grow their life and understanding the world.

The More You Make Good Habits, The More You live Life.


1. Find Your Passion: 

  I wasted lots of time in front of T.V and reading comics books. In that time I was don't what I  love to do and no one told me to do anything. I had completed my degree and wasted more time and at last, I found that I was interested in traveling the world.  Now, you can think if someone told me to find your passion when I was in the school, I may save the wasted time but no one Do that for me. Now I am Traveling the world and making the vlog videos. So Don't depend on others as I did.  Find your passion.
The best to find your passion is to create a list of what you like to do. And at last, try all them, after trying them short out and follow them. Make sure you feel the happiness in doing that work and have a confidence that I can do it better than others. 

2.  Set Goals: 

Smart People know that when they should do their work and what work they should I have to go toward their goal. Smart People set goals to keep motivated himself to focus on their goals and making the things good.  Set goals for yourself and try to follow them. In beginning time, try to set a small goal and after completion set some high goal that you can do. 

3. Crash Your Comfort Zone: 

Did you felt any comfort while watching a T.V serial, a Movie etc? Definitely, the answer is not. Because of the T.V Serial pick you from your life and take control of your mind. While watching a movie or serial, you laugh at them. You laugh at them when you see them doing an interesting thing.  So why you can't do your interesting work. The main answer is that Spend time on your passion by analyzing them. And last, you will feel a real happiness.  Kill Your comfort Zone otherwise, it will kill you definitely. note: I am not hurting you to not watch movies. But watch movies which help you think big, which inspire you toward your dream and goals. Isn't a good thing to help yourself. 

4. Exercise:

Exercising your mind and body is a very good habit. Exercise improves our concentration and focuses to work it improves the functioning of the brain. Smart Peoples do the exercise of their mind and body to stay healthy and energetic to produce lots of energy to make their goal successful. Devote 30 min by exercising. In that time you can do whatever you want to do like the gym, pushups, running,  walking or meditating etc. 

5. Read Every day: 

Reading is a very good habit which can be seen in a smart person. A smart person never stops learning. They learn by reading a good book. Warren Buffet says that  He spends 80% time of working hours to read the book so you can't. It doesn't matter what book you have to read but read a good book which improves your thinking level. You Know about the Bill Gates the great book lover who wanted a power to finish a book in a week. He started reading the book from his childhood. He was failed in the 10th exam but didn't leave reading books and now you can see he is in the top of the world. So Start reading a good book ex. Think and Grow Rich. 

So I hope you will be understood that making a good habit and leaving a bad habit is a big and best habit of your life. There are many resources to learn a new thing but if you have zeal you can do that work...        

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