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Hello Guys, Today I going to tell You about  Top best life tips which will help you to grow in your life and also for being a successful person. Every person should read this article for growing their life. Life is a Life no one can compare it to others.  

In a race of life, every Person wants to live a life like a boss and just for this many people proved that they are living like a boss life but the main question is that why I can't. In every person, something common things are found which help you to grow in life if you followed them carefully. Life is not a race so why we are making it like a  race. 

There is another thing to do rather than being a part of the race. Choose what you want to become and find what you passionate about, In which field, you are interested. 

Many People are joining the race just because of lack of funds, lack of information, lack of parents, lack of bla... bla.. bla...  Lack of fund and lack of information is the big enemy which are making them an unemployed.  In a birth of Child, Their parent's make lots of wishes for his child to grow and earn some money.

I know that every parent is not wrong but there is a reality which can be seen in a railway station, on a road etc.  These Life tips Will help you grow your humanity and help others and also making you the best person so its called Life Hack and Life tips.

So do read this The some life Tips which makes You the great person.

1.Spend Time In Nature: 

Nature is just a natural and the Science cannot make it. The natural thing is always best for us. Natural air, natural sun, the natural thing which never affect us if we use with some care. 

Many peoples and children are spending their profitable time in the office or playing games which affect their bodies.    You should go for a walk in a garden, or anywhere you want but the place should be a natural place. 

If you make a daily schedule, You will be the healthier person. No Illness will come to you is just a big example of Spending time in nature. 

2.  Don't Pay through Credit Card:

Paying the money and doing a transaction is a good option to pay with a credit card, isn't it? Yeah... Offcourse but think a little about this, You are making payment with it. 

But if you haven't the payment to pay the bill for the credit card, what will you do at that situation.  

 And If you have a credit card, you will spend the money more than usual. So using the credit card is not bad but it also not a good choice.

3. Read everything except sex Stories:

Many People are spending in a bad thing which is not good for them. they spend their time in a sex video or reading sex stories which affect the mind and Day by day you make your habit. So Read the successful person stories rather than doing idle things.  

Reading the book is the Best habit which fulfills your desire dreams and also the books make dreams come true in our life. So except doing the idle thing, Do the thing in which you feel happy. You will notice that if you do the bad thing you will not happy and if you do the good thing you will be happy and stay smiling because you have a sign in your heart that you are the good person and also have a self-image which is a source of self-confidence.

4. Watch TEDTALKS:

If you are reading this article, I can guess you will familiar with the world best TEDTALKS ever. If you don't about what is a TEDTALKS,  let me explain it. The TEDTALKS is a YouTube channel where many successful people come to give the ideas and way to become a successful person and best person. A place where all successful give their life journey lectures and inspire lots of people. 

So you should also watch their lectures and videos. The biggest profit of watching those lecture is to learning something from their mistakes in life and also they inspire us for a dedication.

5. Ask Question to yourself:

Who ask question To himself is a good option for him to get the best answer because the answer will come from the heart and mind no one can disturb you.

 Asking question to yourself is to give a relief. It solves our mind puzzle which stops us to grow. So Asking question to yourself is a good option to avoid loneliness.

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